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This course is exclusive to previously trained Security Guards with valid and current Security Guard Licenses. This is a mandatory prerequisite which can be achieved through Eye-Spi academy prior to taking the Executive Protection Course.

The Executive Protection course is composed of Theory, practical applications (incl. Fitness training) and theory and practical exams. Executive Protection Students must receive at least a 75% grade in the both tests to graduate.

Students are also instructed with the use of video tapes as part of the course.

Executive Protection Course

Course Examples
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Chapter 1


 Who Uses EPPs?

 Personal Security

 Principles in Code Yellow


Chapter 2

 The EPP Team

 Bodyguard Skills

 High & Low Profile Protection

 Threat Assessment

 Bomb Awareness


 Body Cover

 Cars & Drivers


Chapter 3

 Listening Devices

 Defensive or Evasive Driving

 Walking Drills



Chapter 4

 Unarmed Self Defence

 Defensive Tactics

 Child Protection




Chapter 5

 Radio & Communications

 The Press & Paparazzi

 Protection Agent and The Law

 Trespass To Property Act

 Arrest and Search

 Charter Of Rights

 Employment Standards Act

 Health and Safety Act

 Use of Force Issues

 Dealing With Diplomats



Chapter 6

 Computer Security