Eye-Spi Training Academy

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About Us

EYE-SPI Training Academy is owned and operated by Private Investigator and Master Instructor Gary Miles.

EYE-SPI Training Academy is dedicated to ensuring our students are fully trained and prepared to both take the provincial Security Guard or Private Investigation exam  and succeed in the Security or Investigation fields. 

 As a secondary service, we also provide occasional workshops which are open to members of the public, past graduates and other security/investigation professionals to keep them informed and up-to-date on topics such as: community safety issues, self protection, advances in tools of the trade, fraud awareness and more. These workshops are taught by specialists in the subject matter and are supplementary to the programs EYE-SPI provides.

This Academy recognizes the financial difficulty associated with education to change or start a new career. As such we offer reasonable prices and easy payment methods, such as cash or debit, to ensure the students may pursue their goals without incurring major debt. Furthermore the flexible class hours offer working students a chance to continue working in their present job while studying for their new career.


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