Eye-Spi Training Academy

Miles Ahead Of The Rest

This course covers the recommended 40 hours of content and more. It runs four days a week, three hours a day, for three weeks. Students interested in becoming Security Guards or Loss Prevention are instructed by way of Powerpoint Presentations; Instructional Videos; Practical Demonstrations and Hypothetical Situations.

Security Guard Course

Career In Security

Acts And Regulations

Trespass To Property

Arrest—Charter of Rights

Sexual Harassment

Professionalism & Public Relations

Security Uniforms

General Functions

Access Controls

Alarm Systems


Relation  With Authority Agencies

Bomb Threats

Court Procedures

Dealing With Diplomats

Arrest and Handcuff Procedures

Canadian Law

Criminal Liability

Disturbed Persons

Introduction to Street Drugs

Emergency Situations

A look at Gangs



Mall and Retail Security

Baton and Defence Tactics


Labour Relations


Report Writing

Typical Grammar Errors

Post Orders

Traffic Patrol

Typical Guidelines for Accidents

Video Logs



Smart Serve